Copy Quick Tip | Credential Yourself Quickly

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Copy Quick Tip | Credential Yourself Quickly


One of the biggest mistakes I see health practitioners make on their website or sales page?

Boring people to tears with an endless list of credentials. 

Here's the thing:

No one's really into that.  

Sure, people want to know you're qualified and trustworthy, but they only need a teeny tiny bit of info to make up their minds. 

The REAL question burning in people's brains is...

"Have you helped others with my problem, and can you help me too?"

That's where the magic of an authority statement comes in!

Just 1-2 snappy sentences that check the mental tick-box saying, "This person is legit." so you can get back to talking about the things people really want to hear, like:

  • Real-life success stories
  • Your unique methodology
  • Sneak peek of what to expect

So here you go...



✏️ Copy Quick Tip ✏️

 Craft an authority statement to credential yourself quickly.




Need a start? Try this formula:


[Your Name] is [Your Titles], and creator/founder of [Your Business or a Key Offer], on a mission to help [Your Ideal Clients] achieve [Benefit] with [Your Approach]. 



For example...

Sarah Cook is a Copywriter, StoryBrand Guide, former Naturopathic Doctor, and creator of The Wellness Copy Shop. She's on a mission to simplify copy & content for health entrepreneurs. 


You can use your authority statement on the home page of your website, in a blurb that introduces you on a sales page, or as an intro for a podcast interview. Others can recite it in the third person, or you can share it in the first person.

It's short. It's convenient. It's versatile. It's effective. 

And all those other credentials, continuing education, published articles, and conferences you've presented at? Go ahead and list those out to your heart's desire on the "about" page of your website. Curious minds will find them there. 





And That's Your Copy Quick Tip!


Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as an entrepreneur. Once a week, I drop a tip to help health & wellness practitioners level up their copywriting skills. 




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