Copy Quick Tip | Parallel Structure

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Copy Quick Tip | Parallel Structure


I'm all about breaking the rules when it comes to writing copy that sounds casual, conversational, and infused with personality...

...within reason. 

There are circumstances and times when it pays to follow a rule or two, and one of those is when creating a bulleted list. A list should be clear, scannable, and easy to understand. 

We achieve those things by using parallel structure



✏️ Copy Quick Tip ✏️

 Follow parallel structure for bulleted lists.





Parallel structure means that a phrase or sentence is organized in the same way. 

Like this:

  • Book a Call
  • Choose a Plan
  • Start a Program

Instead of this:

  • Book a Call
  • Plan Choices
  • It's Program Time

It may seem dull, boring, or obvious, but I can promise you this trips a lot of people up. Clarity always wins, and one way to achieve clarity is with parallel structure. 





And That's Your Copy Quick Tip!


Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as an entrepreneur. Once a week, I drop a tip to help health & wellness practitioners level up their copywriting skills. 




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