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Copy Quick Tip | Ask a Question



Ever drag your feet hemming and hawing for minutes or even hours—just to come up with the first line of a social media post or email?

If you struggle with the first sentence, this copy tip is for you. 

The first line is called the hook because we need to hook people in from the start, like a fish snagged at the end of the line. 

The hook is more important than ever before because people's attention spans have become virtually nonexistent!!



✏️ Copy Quick Tip ✏️

 Ask a question to hook people in.



This takes something boring, like "Here's a truth" and turns it into something engaging, like "True or false?"

"I'm sure it's just me" becomes "Is it just me?" 

and ""I don't know why nobody is talking about this" becomes "Why is nobody talking about this?"

Questions work because they engage the reader and make them curious.




And That's Your Copy Quick Tip!


Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as an entrepreneur. Once a week, I drop a tip to help health & wellness practitioners level up their copywriting skills. 




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