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Copy Quick Tip | Use section headers to tell a story.

Copy Quick Tip | Use section headers to tell a story.

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What can we do for the scanners?


No matter how amazing your copy is...no matter how many golden nuggets it contains....no matter how many hours you pour into it...most people will only scan it. 

But that doesn't mean you should get sloppy or lazy!

It actually means the opposite. 

If you are writing copy to educate others or inspire them to take action, it's your responsibility to make your words clear, easy to read, and scannable. 

One way to do this is with section headers!



✏️ Copy Quick Tip ✏️

 Use section headers to tell a story.



Section headers are the phrases or sentences that stand out in larger bolded font to introduce each new section of a page. The strategy of using section headers to tell a story works especially well on sales pages but can also be applied to any page of your website. 


Here are some examples of how to use section headers to tell a story.  


Most sales pages have a section that calls out exactly who the offer is for. So instead of introducing that section with "Who This Offer is For," you could say:

This program is for every tired mom who wants more energy!


For the section that goes into the benefits of the offer, instead of leading with "Program Benefits," you could say:

Imagine waking up every morning without an alarm. 


And when it comes to the section where you introduce yourself, make it conversational. Instead of "Meet the Instructor," you could say:

Hi! I'm Sarah, Your Cheerleader and Coach.



Check the page once it's done.  


Once your sales page is fully written, go back to the top and read through only the section headers. Do they tell the whole story? Will people get the gist of what your offer is from reading the section headers alone? 

If the answer is yes? 





And That's Your Copy Quick Tip!


Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as an entrepreneur. Once a week, I drop a tip to help health & wellness practitioners level up their copywriting skills. 






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Sarah Cook is a Copywriter, StoryBrand Guide, and former Naturopathic Doctor with 10+ years of experience writing for the naturopathic and functional medicine community.