Copy Quick Tip: Get Comfy Using "I"

Sarah Cook | Wellness Writer
Copy Quick Tip: Get Comfy Using "I"


"When should I write my copy in the first person, and when should I use the third?"

It's a question a lot of health and wellness practitioners get hung up on. As a professional, you share your  bio, CV, and resume in the third person. You're probably used to people introducing you as the credible expert, and it might feel more comfortable for you to use the third person in your copy. 

But I'm going to push you out of your comfort zone here and challenge you to think about this in a different way. 

The world of online marketing (meaning blogs, social media, emails, and yes—your website) is a casual place. People crave human connection more than ever. When you write about yourself in the third person, it creates distance and separation.

But in the first person?

That's connection

So, I challenge you to embrace your one and only voice and speak up as YOU—owning that big fat word "I."




✏️ Copy Quick Tip ✏️

 Get comfy using "I."





Use "I" in your social media posts. Send marketing emails from your own name. Write your website copy as if you are sitting on a couch next to your future client having an intimate conversation. 

It's the best way to strike up a connection that might last. 




And That's Your Copy Quick Tip!


Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as an entrepreneur. Once a week, I drop a tip to help health & wellness practitioners level up their copywriting skills. 




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