How I customized my opt-in form in Kajabi

How I customized my opt-in form in Kajabi

When you're mentally blocked by the tech...

Do you ever get so mentally blocked on something that you just push it to the back burner again and again and again? Then you finally decide to take it on, learn how to do it, and realize how simple it always was?

That's what happened to me with my Kajabi opt-in form.

Here's the dilemma that had been keeping me stuck: I knew I wanted to give away a freebie to grow my email list, but I also knew I wanted my subscribers to have a CHOICE about what types of emails to receive from me.

Also (even though almost all of my subscribers come from the US or Canada), I wanted to be compliant with GDPR in case subscribers in the European Union happened to land on my site.

I had seen other marketers use opt-in forms that had radio buttons asking new subscribers to choose whether they wanted to join the general email list or to just receive the freebie—but HOW? I knew from having used ConvertKit, Active Campaign, and now Kajabi that creating a form like this was not intuitive. None of these email service providers had default settings to accommodate this need.

It's never as hard as it seems.

After more than a year of putting off the massive and insurmountable task of creating radio buttons for my opt-in form, I finally set aside a day to figure it out.

I sat down with Google, searched up a few things, went to the Kajabi help pages, and...15 minutes later my form was done.

Fifteen minutes.

So, now that I'm over the embarrassment, I thought I'd share what I learned in a simple step-by-step for anybody else out there who wants to create an opt-in form in Kajabi that gives their subscribers choice and helps with GDPR compliance.

You're welcome.

Here's the Step-by-Step

Step 1: Open Forms

From your Kajabi dashboard, go to the Marketing tab and click on Forms. From there, you can either create a new form or modify an existing form.

Note: the form is where subscribers enter their name and email address to request your freebie or join your list. Once you create a form, you can plug that into landing pages or onto your website.

Step 2: Create a New Form Field

Scroll down to the section titled Form Fields and click to Add Form Field. You'll be presented with the option to select an existing field or to create a new one. You want to create a new one.

In the Title of the form field, enter the question you want to ask about joining your email list. You are basically asking if the new subscriber wants to join your email list or just get your freebie. This is where your copy skills come in! Get creative so people will be enticed to click YES. Here's how I worded mine:

Real quick—wanna get MY emails? I share tips, promos, and offers you’ll find nowhere else (including exclusive invitations to join me for free Copy Chats)!

Then for the Type of form field, you want to choose Radio Buttons.

Under Choices, you again put your copy skills to work. Here are my choices: 

Yes! Please sign me up for weekly emails and occasional promos.

Nope. Just send the freebie.

Finally, be sure to check the box to make this a required field. Mine looks like this:


Step 3: Add Automations

Scroll down to the Automations section and click to add an automation.

Add any automations that are specific to your freebie. In my case, I add a tag to show that a specific freebie was downloaded and add the new subscriber to an email sequence that delivers that freebie (it's just one email).

Then you want to create the automation that is specific to anybody who clicked YES to join your email list. I add a tag called "YES to receive emails" on the condition that a person answers YES to my radio button question. It looks like this:


Then I use that tag to send an automated welcome sequence, followed by weekly emails and promos!

That's It, Really.

If you use Kajabi for your email marketing, you should be all set with these steps. If you use another email marketing software, you can probably figure out how to do a similar thing.

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