How to Create a Health & Wellness Freebie Funnel

How to create a health and wellness freebie funnel

Looking for a way to build your authority as a wellness leader while also growing an email list of you absolutely ideal clients?

You need a Freebie Funnel.


What’s a Freebie Funnel?

A Freebie Funnel is an automated way to attract your ideal clients, get them signed up for your emails, and quickly turn them into buyers. 

There’s no ONE right way to do a freebie funnel.

Your freebie funnel strategy depends on what you are selling, your sales process, where your traffic comes from, and even just your style and preferences.

By definition, all freebie funnels begin with (you guessed it) a FREEBIE! Some like to call it a lead magnet. What happens next is up to you.


5 Steps to a Stellar Freebie Funnel for Your Wellness Business


Step 1: Choose Funnel Style

Here are some styles and examples of freebie funnels.

The Simple Freebie

The simplest version of a freebie funnel is best when you plan to nurture your email list and do live promotions. Like this:

Freebie Opt In Page → Thank You Page → Welcome Email Sequence → Nurture Emails & Live Promos

The Welcome Offer

The next level is to sell a bonus offer as part of your Welcome Sequence. Like this:

Freebie Opt In Page → Thank You Page → Welcome Email Sequence including Bonus Offer → Nurture Emails & Live Promos

The Mini-Offer Tripwire

Take it one step further by sharing the bonus offer instead of a thank-you page (it’s called a tripwire). Like this:

Freebie Opt In Page → Tripwire Page with Bonus Offer → Thank You Page → Email Sequences (Welcome + Second Chance for Bonus Offer + Next Step Sales Sequence)

The Webinar Thank You

Instead of selling a mini offer on your tripwire page, you can share an invitation to register for a webinar. Like this:

Freebie Opt In Page → Tripwire Page with Webinar Registration → Thank You Page or Watch Webinar Page → Email Sequences (Welcome + Second Chance for Webinar Registration + Next Step Sales Sequence)

The Basic Webinar

Now we’ve come full circle back to the basics. This funnel begins with a registration page to watch a free webinar. Like this:

Free Webinar Registration Page →  Thank You Page → Email Sequences (Confirm Registration + Sales Sequence After Webinar)


Step 2: Define Your Offers

The way to define what offers you will give away and sell in your funnel depend on your final goal. 

Work backwards! 

Start with the ultimate offer you want to sell. Get clear on who it’s for and the problem it solves. 

Then create a smaller offer that is closely related (or even accomplishes the exact same thing but in a more DIY way that doesn’t depend upon your time). That can be the mini offer you sell or the topic you teach on a webinar in your funnel. 

Work backwards again to create the freebie that will be at the top of your funnel. 

For Example

1:1 Comprehensive 6-Month Program to Heal IBS ($$$)



Mini Course on How to Follow an IBS Diet ($)



Ultimate Recipe Guide for Gut Health (free)



Step 3: Create Your Offers

Production time!

If your offers aren’t already created, you’ll need to put in a little work to get that done.


Step 4: Write Your Sales Copy

The funnel style you choose (step 1) will determine the various items of sales copy you will need to write.

Let’s take the Mini-Offer Tripwire style of funnel. You will need to write:

  • Landing Page for Freebie (Opt-In Page)
  • Mini-Offer Tripwire Sales Page (to sell the mini offer)
  • Delivery Email
  • Second Chance Email (for those who did not buy the mini offer yet)
  • Next Steps Email Sequence (to sell your higher offer)
  • Expired Offer Page (if you have a countdown timer on your tripwire page)

(By the way—you get templates for all of these in the Freebie Funnel CopyPack!)

If you’re doing a Basic Webinar Funnel, you need different sales copy:

  • Webinar Registration Page
  • Confirmation Email
  • Show-Up Emails
  • Follow-Up Sales Emails

(By the way—you get templates for all of these and so much more in the Wellness Webinar CopyPack!)

Point is: whatever your funnel style, now it’s time to write all those fun parts of copy. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, this is my jam. Just book a day and be done with it.


Step 5: Set Up the Tech

Unless you love working with landing pages and have some sweet design templates, I highly recommend you hire a designer to build your landing pages. 

Then all you need to do is schedule your email automations and voila! You’re done. 

Here are the tech pieces you’ll need:

  • website or landing page builder (to build an opt-in page, thank-you page, and sales pages)
  • an email service provider (to send automated emails)

Here are the tech pieces that are optional:

  • a countdown timer (to add urgency to your webinar or tripwire). I use Deadline Funnel, and that’s my affiliate link if you want to check it out!
  • course delivery platform (if your mini offer is a digital product or course)

Now that you have everything set up and ready to go, you are ready to share!!


How to Get More Traffic to Your Wellness Freebie Funnel

The most fabulous freebie funnel with spot-on copywriting and gorgeous design—WILL FAIL if nobody ever sees it.


The reality is that so much about marketing comes down to math. And when the top number is zero, we just don’t have much to work with.

So, let’s look at 5 possible ways to drive more traffic to a freebie funnel once you have it in place:

Paid Ads

Paid ads can get expensive fast, BUT if you have a solid freebie funnel in place, it’s possible to recoup that cost automatically.

Social Media

If you’re already putting time and energy into social media, you’re leaving money on the table without a freebie funnel in place.

Podcast Interviews

Same as what I said for social media! Podcast interviews transform from a fabulous way to share your message into a fabulous way to ALSO get clients once you have a freebie to mention.


It’s way easier for an affiliate to share a freebie than a paid offer. Partnering with affiliates is a perfect next step after your freebie funnel is ready.

Other Partnerships

Podcasts and affiliates are two types of partnerships, but what about guest workshops, summit interviews, and lead magnet swaps? All of these are great ways to get more eyes on your freebie funnel.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that once you have your freebie funnel in place, it runs on automation.

Meaning you are free to focus on the activities that will get more eyes on that freebie and take your business to the next level.

Exciting, right?


Let’s Get Your Freebie Funnel DONE

Grab the Freebie Funnel CopyPack and other copywriting templates in The Wellness Copy Shop.

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