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This post is part of our Member Spotlight Series, where we highlight some of the amazing practitioners who are using Nurture Unleashed in their health & wellness practices!


Meet Anya Rampersad

Anya is a Functional Nutritionist with an online practice that focuses on gut and hormone health. As the creator of The Science of Self-Healing Method, she uses powerful diagnostics and custom protocols to get to the bottom of conditions like hot flashes, acne, PCOS, and endometriosis.

Before discovering Nurture Unleashed, Anya described her content creation as "a full time job." She would either watch for trends with her clients and then create content around those, or she would spend hours thoroughly researching a topic just to write one post. She was spending as much as 2-4 hours a day, and the worst part?

It was draining her creative energy so that it was affecting her ability to fully show up for her clients. 


Why Anya Signed Up

I'm a former Naturopathic Doctor, so the naturopathic and functional approach informs all of the content inside of Nurture Unleashed. Here's what Anya says about that:

"Well, I mean, in this service, you're getting filtered knowledge that's filtered through a lens that is compatible with my approach and my practice. So I don't have to spend too much, again, creative energy, trying to make this relevant to my practice because it naturally is with the knowledge that you're bringing. 

But it's also positioned in a way that is appropriate for online consumption, which is concise, bullet-type material, things that can be translated into different mediums as well. So you'll notice that I do that with your content constantly, where I'm like, this was a post, but I'm going to make this a video or a carousel."


Anya's Process

On social media, Anya takes an approach that she calls "pain point marketing." Here's how:

"Every time I take something that's educational, you're providing the work and the quality of the education is so high. But then it's up to me, I feel, as a person who knows my ideal client, to then take that education and make it super relevant for them and their pain points."

Anya also takes into consideration the season that her business is in. She's currently in a season where she wants more visibility and to recruit more clients. To do that, she knows that she needs people to spend more time on her posts (so she creates videos & carousels) and that she needs to direct people to her DMs and profile (so she includes strategic call-to-actions). 

Here's a fun golden nugget that Anya shared:

"In the past, I will tell you that hook...that kind of punchy line...was one of the largest stumbling blocks for me. It was one of the hardest things for me to generate on my own. And what I've ended up doing is oftentimes the email subject lines that you write into each post, I use that as my hook."

In addition to putting her heart and messaging into the content she shares, Anya is also strategic about optimizing her Instagram profile so that when people land there, they are encouraged to take the next step. Along with the link in her bio, she has Highlights and Pinned Posts that directly share information about her services:

"I noticed it was helpful for me to direct them to a pinned post. So that's one of the things I use one of your templates that was sort of like a list of the services you're providing right now."

Anya includes unique call-to-actions on all of her posts that lead people to message her or look at her profile. She recognizes that nurture content is just one piece of her overall marketing strategy, so she uses it strategically within her broader ecosystem to get people to look at her sales page or to book calls. 


The Results

When quantifying the amount of time she spends on content creation, Anya says that she used to spend 2-4 hours a day, and now she spends 2 hours a week. 

What's more is that it has freed up her mental space to be more creative in other ways. She says that she is more present with her clients, she is following up more consistently with leads, she is adding new revenue streams to her practice, and she is being sought out for more collaborations. 

"So once I started implementing Nurture Unleashed content and customizing it in the way that I have, I've had about 30 or 40 percent more inquiries in my DMs. And what's interesting is that those people are staying in my funnel. So they are not like just inquiring because they see me as an information source. They're actually asking me for information because they see me as an authority. The person who will solve their problem."

Anya has doubled her email list in less than 6 months. She is using the Nurture Unleashed content in those emails, and says that for the first time, people are replying to her marketing emails. 



Final Thoughts

Anya just had one last thing to say:

"I just want to tell you that like, I can see the amount that you give is astonishing. And I don't know. I can kind of sense that it's coming from a place of just genuinely wanting practitioners to do what they're doing best, what they can do best. And that's what I feel I've gotten from this whole thing."

She nailed it! I want you out there doing what you do best. I don't want content to be the thing blocking you from building the practice of your dreams. 


Connect with Anya


Instagram: @your.well.nest

Example Posts: Inflammation Carousel, Inflammation Reel, and Mood Support Carousel



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