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This post is part of our Member Spotlight Series, where we highlight some of the amazing practitioners who are using Nurture Unleashed in their health & wellness practices!


Meet David Bennett

David Bennett is a functional medicine practitioner helping busy moms and dads lose weight with his Metabolic Body Reset Program

Before discovering Nurture Unleashed, David spent 16-20 hours per month creating content for his social media platforms. He had already gone viral on TikTok and was rockin' it with thousands of views on that platform.

His challenge was time: 

"It's tough coming up with a month's worth of content centered around a theme. I was doing it, but it was taking me a lot of time and a lot of effort. And what Nurture Unleashed has done is made it easier. I still do customization of the content, but I don't have to do as much or start from scratch."

David says he joined Nurture Unleashed because it brought in the science of functional medicine. He had seen social media services that provided content on fitness or nutrition, but his focus is functional medicine and is focused on building his authority in that area. 


How David Uses Nurture Unleashed

Since members unlock 3 months worth of content as soon as they join Nurture Unleashed, David has chosen to share content from previous bundles rather than the latest when it comes out. So, when a new content bundle drops each month, he uses that as a reminder to pull up an older bundle and create his content. He has a system of tagging bundles so that he knows what he has and has not yet used. 


David loves creating short-form videos. He says 99% percent of the content he shares is in video form. He takes the content from Nurture Unleashed, drafts short video scripts, and then (when he's in the mood), shoots 30 videos in about an hour and a half. Then he does some editing of the videos and schedules them to go out to his social media platforms for the month. David also repurposes content from the bundles to send out 2 emails per week to his list: 

"What use to take me, and I would easily say 16 hours - 20 hours a 4-5 hours total, I've got all my edited content scheduled out for the month."


David's Takeaway

David says that the majority of his clients come to him because he is consistent on social media. His message to other practitioners? 


Nurture content is indeed the long-game. This is one of the reasons it's important to have a sustainable strategy that will keep you consistent without burning you out. The more you continue to show up with value, the more you will attract people who see you as the guide who can help when they are ready.

That's a win. 


Connect with David

Websites: and

Instagram: @metabolic.body.reset and @teachinvideo

TikTok: @metabolicbodyreset and @teachinvideo



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