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This post is part of our Member Spotlight Series, where we highlight some of the amazing practitioners who are using Nurture Unleashed in their health & wellness practices!


Meet Kelly Livingston, ND

Dr. Kelly is a naturopathic doctor, practicing in Darien, CT. She's been in practice for 10 years and has grown a thriving clinic by word of mouth. She focused on 1:1 care until recently, when she began to offer a group program to help women go from stressed, exhausted, and moody to focused, energized and calm. 

Kelly says she was always one who was "resistant" to social media and to take the leap to creating as much content as she would need to have a presence was something that was "not attractive" to her at all. 

Her turning point came when she started to add additional revenue streams to her practice (the group program mentioned above) and realized that if she wanted her practice and life to be where she envisions it in another 10 years from now that she needed to create more of a presence for herself online. 


What made Dr. Kelly join Nurture Unleashed?

If Dr. Kelly wanted a presence on social media and in emails but didn't want to do it herself, she knew she needed to get somebody to understand what she does well enough that they could create the content for her. 

She told me this: 

"So what I realized when I saw what you had to offer was that it was such a wonderful bridge between me. I didn't have to sit there and write things necessarily. And if I had someone doing my social media for me that understood me well enough, they could then take your content and it was like cloning myself."


Dr. Kelly's Process

Dr. Kelly found 2 women to learn her practice inside and out. One was a long-time patient, and the other she had go through her program to learn her methodology and style. Now those are the people who take the content from Nurture Unleashed and share it to her social media platforms and email list. 

"We joke that I am technology averse. I'm not good at it. It makes me frustrated. I don't want my fingers doing it. I just want my brain to be, you know, dumping out into the world."

So, Dr. Kelly's assistants make small tweaks and add information relevant to her practice to the content they receive from Nurture Unleashed. They create designs and reels in Canva and bring them to Dr. Kelly for approval or final changes before scheduling them out. They also repurpose the content for email newsletters, which Dr. Kelly says had always been a roadblock for her in the past. 


The Results

Dr. Kelly says she has seen a noticeable difference in her practice since consistently posting to social media and sending emails to her list. She is having more interaction with her patients, and there has been more interest in her programs simply by "putting content out there." 

She also noticed a shift in professional collaborations: 

"Whether it's colleagues that we've worked together before and it's kind of just reminded them about me or, you know, new people reaching out to network, they've commented that they've seen my social media and they like my content...I feel like I've been able to get my brain and my brand and my presence out there more than I would have without this done-for-you aspect."

Lots of people overlook this important perk of showing up consistently with value! It helps you grow your network, which can in turn help your practice grow exponentially. 


Final Thoughts

Dr. Kelly had one last thing to say when we chatted:

"I legitimately, like, very much appreciate, you and what you've done here because for many years, I just dragged my feet and this has allowed me to be like, 'all right, do it!' and it's solved a lot of problems in my business."


Dr. Kelly is a special human being, but I bet she's not that different from you. If you can relate to any part of her story, I hope you will be inspired and take action to also put yourself out there consistently with content. 

Let's do this together!


Connect with Dr. Kelly

Website: rootsdeepmedicine.com

Instagram: @drkellylivingston




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