Time Hacks for Consistent Content Creation

What do you do consistently? Maybe you exercise at the gym most days, meditate most mornings, or pack a homemade lunch on days you see patients at the office. Maybe you read a certain journal each time it comes out or listen to a podcast once a week.

Most things we do consistently have become habits, but they weren’t always that way. Usually, there are 2 prerequisites to forming a consistent habit: the first is a commitment, and the second is finding the time. If you want to become consistent with anything—including content creation—you first have to make a commitment.

Then you have to find the time.

Time Hacks for Consistent Content Creation

Time Hack #1: Get Moving

My best brainstorming sessions happen when I am out for a run in the field, with the breeze in my face. When our bodies are engaged in physical activity, our minds are free to roam. This is when we can be insightful, intuitive, and creative.

I should mention that getting moving is only a time hack for content creation if you set an intention first. Maybe you want to come up with a theme for your next blog series. Maybe you want to plan out the talking points for your next Facebook Live. Set an intention before you go, let your mind relax, and jot down your ideas when you get back.

You don’t need to work out at the gym or go for a run to get moving. Many types of activity work to relax your mind. You might be most creative while you are tending the garden, knitting, or doing the dishes.

Time Hack #2: Batch

Batching means to choose one task as a focus and do only that for a block of time. I find I am most productive if I dedicate a full day to a single (or related) projects. That is because every time I transition between tasks, I need to shift gears and change my mental focus. It is not time-efficient. When we block off time to focus on a single task, we can get into the zone, focus, and be exponentially more efficient than when we are trying to multi-task.

One key to successful batching is to turn off distractions. If you block off Friday mornings to write your blog posts, then do just that. Don’t check your emails, don’t answer your phone, and turn off your text message notifications.

Another key to successful batching is to set goals. Commit to writing one article and 2 related social posts in a morning, or commit to writing a series of 3 mini blog articles in a day. Having a plan will allow you to be consistent in your content creation.

Time Hack #3: Serialize

Creating serialized content is a natural extension of batching. You can write a blog series on gut health, record a video series on clear skin, or write an email series on lifestyle hacks for the busy mom.

Serialized content is perfect for naturopathic doctors who have too much to say (I’m sure you can’t relate to that). If you want to talk about how to get better sleep, chances are that you can’t cover that in a 500-word blog post. You want to talk about adrenal health, dietary patterns, blue light exposure, exercise, melatonin, herbs, and the risks of over-the-counter medications. Yikes! I’m sure you have other items you would add to that list.

The beauty of a series is that you can include everything you want to say—but in chunks of digestible bits. Crank out 6 short blog articles in one day, and roll them out over 6 weeks. Your readers anticipate the next installment, and they will love that they are not overwhelmed. You will love that you are ahead on your content.

Let’s Do This

If you have not made consistent content creation a habit, now is the time. Send me a virtual promise that you are ready to commit. It doesn’t have to be major. I am not asking you to write a book (but go for it, if you want!). Commit to producing SOMETHING every week. Maybe it is one blog post a week, one email a week, or one Facebook Live. Set aside half a day a week or a couple of days a month to focus on creating consistent, original, and authentic content.

Are you in?

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