When to Rebrand and Why

I’m in the process of rebranding from ND Pen to Wellness Website Pro. Even though rebranding is something that I help other business owners do as part of my everyday work, it’s different to do it for myself. So, in this post, I’m going to get a little more personal and share insights from my own experience of the rebranding process. 

You should know that I would never recommend that you rebrand your business just for fun. Sure, it’s fun, but it’s also a pretty hefty investment of time and energy and moolah. To make a rebrand worth it, you should have a good reason to do it. In my case, as I look back over the evolution of my business, there were some key clues that signaled I would need to rebrand. Let’s start with my biggest clue.


My Biggest Clue


The most obvious and urgent clue that I would need to rebrand was when potential clients started asking if they could hire me to do things that I don’t do. I open my schedule for calls with potential clients one morning a week, and for several weeks in a row, I had people calling to ask if I would write their blogs and social media posts. 

Writing blogs and social media posts is not a service that I offer. It’s actually been more than two years since I’ve offered this as a service. Why were people starting to ask me to do this? 

It was 100% my fault. 

I had recently started selling a “Social Content Toolkit” as a way to fill the need that I know wellness ‘preneurs have to create social content. In my mind, that toolkit was a way that I could fill the need without doing the work one-on-one for clients. But the result? I was completely confusing people about what I really do. 

Without a doubt, the biggest clue that you should consider a rebrand is when you realize that people are confused about what you do.


What I Really Do


People were confused about what I do because of the offers I’d recently created. One solution would’ve been to change or cancel those offers, but that’s not what I wanted to do. In my mind, a Social Content Toolkit was a perfect complement to the one-on-one service that I actually love to provide: website copywriting. 

So, I had to go back to the drawing board and get crystal clear about the service that I offer. Not only that but also exactly WHY I offer that service and why it matters. Here’s what it was for me... 

My core service offering is to write website copy. I follow the StoryBrand framework to get my clients a magnetic marketing message and then craft copy for a website that works. The website becomes the foundation and central hub for all other marketing efforts.

The offers that I sell outside of website copywriting are all intended to make a website work better. Social media and content marketing and lead magnets are all tools to get eyes on your site. I was clear in my own mind that blog articles and social media posts help a website work better, but I had been completely ineffective at sharing that message with my own tribe. 

I had to be honest with myself. If I wanted people to know that my core service offering is writing website copy, I needed that to be front and center with my branding. Which brings me to my next clue...my business name. 


The Name Was Wrong


There was a time when the name “ND Pen” was absolutely perfect. When I started on this journey of writing for the health and wellness community, I mostly wrote blog articles for other NDs. I had come from a background as an ND and was using a pen to help my fellow doctors. 

Over the years, however, I shifted from writing informational articles to writing sales copy—the type of copy that’s meant not only to educate but to sell. I became a StoryBrand Certified Guide and branched out to work with more than only NDs. Over the last year alone, I’ve had clients who were acupuncturists, chiropractors, functional nurse practitioners, and nonprofit organizations!

The shifts that happened in my business were subtle, so it seemed like the “ND Pen” could still work.  

Until it didn’t. 

I needed a name that more accurately reflected what I do and who I help. I had gone beyond helping other NDs by using a Pen. I was helping other wellness ‘preneurs by getting their website to work. 

All the clues pointing toward a rebrand came down to one theme...reinventing myself.


Reinventing Myself


One of my core values—both for myself and my business—is to have a growth mindset. That means I’m always looking for ways to grow and make my business better. Acting from a growth mindset could be as simple as learning better ways to do old things. It could be creating new offers. It could be dropping old offers.

Having a growth mindset means adopting new ideas and embracing change. Even if you make tiny changes, those changes add up over time. In my case, they added up to the point that my brand no longer reflected what I do. 

If your business is going to grow, it’s going to change. One day you’ll notice that it has changed enough that it’s time for a rebrand. At least that’s how it happened for me. 

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 



Who You Need on Your Team for a Rebrand


Lots of people think that a rebrand means getting a new logo. It’s so much more than that. Sure, you’ll need a designer on your team because a rebrand might include a new logo and will definitely require changes to your website. But you’ll ideally have at least two other people on your rebrand team. 

One of those is a business coach. That’s the person who will be sure you have the right strategy with your offers and long-term goals. The other person you’ll need is a copywriter. That’s somebody like me to be sure you get your messaging right. As we say in StoryBrand, “if you confuse, you’ll lose.” 

If you’re confusing the people who you want to help the most, it’s time to clarify your message and brand. I’ve been there, and I’m sure I’ll be there again.


A New Phase


I'm so excited for the next iteration of my business. Wellness Website Pro will be there for all health 'preneurs who want to turn their website into their biggest business asset. Because I know your website can take your business from being ignored to being adored.

See you over at wellnesswriter.com!

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