Rule #1 of Copywriting: Never Start from Scratch.

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Never write from scratch again.

Need help crafting your copy?

The Wellness Copy Shop™ is your hub for copywriting templates specifically for health & wellness entrepreneurs.

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 Truth Time

Copywriting may feel complicated and hard, but the truth is that most copywriting problems can be solved by following a template.

The Wellness Copy Shop is your hub for copywriting templates specifically for health & wellness entrepreneurs.

Share your message confidently—knowing you’re following formulas that work.


Say goodbye to:

X staring at a blank screen

X wondering how to organize your content

X feeling embarrassed by your sales page

X sending email promos that get crickets

X constantly being awkward with your copy

And say hello to words that connect and convert.

copywriting templates for wellness entrepreneurs

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Welcome Sequence


Welcome Sequence CopyPack™

Copywriting templates for a 5-part sequence to welcome new email subscribers in style..


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Email Sales Blitz


Email Sales Blitz CopyPack™

Copywriting templates for an 11-part sequence to run a solid promotion using emails alone!


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Sales Page


Sales Page CopyPack™

Copywriting templates for 3 different sales page styles to sell your next course, membership, or 1:1 program.


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Wellness Website


Wellness Website CopyPack™

Copywriting templates for 6 website page to match the most common needs of wellness professionals


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Webinar Funnel


Webinar Funnel CopyPack™

Copywriting templates to craft an empowering webinar that sells plus all the parts of a webinar funnel.


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Freebie Funnel


Freebie Funnel CopyPack™

Everything you need to set up an automated list-building machine.


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Wait…What’s a CopyPack™?


You know when you get excited about a new idea or offer for your business…and you decide you need a sales page or webinar funnel or email promotion to sell it…

but then you realize you actually have no idea how to do that?

Now imagine being handed a bundle of copywriting templates that guide you through all the moving parts. 

CopyPacks™ give you:

 Copywriting templates based on proven frameworks

 Prompts to help you uncover a message that is your own

 Examples to get your creative juices flowing

CopyPacks™ remove the mystery from copywriting so you can craft copy that connects with your perfect people.

copywriting templates

Health practitioners love them.


"Nobody would ever know I didn't write these emails myself! The prompts were so easy to follow and to plug in my personal messaging. And best of all? My email sequence is already generating replies from new leads!"

- Denise, Health Coach


"Sarah's templates really break down formulas in a way that is digestible and easy to follow—keeping me focused on my message to keep my audience engaged and coming back for more."

- K.I., Nutritionist


"Sarah’s templates function as great resources for me that will allow me to achieve my goal of consistently producing effective emails that not only educate my audience but also generate sales for me as well!"

- B.G., Naturopathic Doctor

When you purchase a CopyPack™

Number One

Get Instant Access

Get instant access to download your templates from a membership area.

Number Two

Follow the Prompts

Follow the prompts to effortlessly craft copy that sounds just like YOU!

Number Three

Get More Yes’s!

See how easy it can be to connect with your people and inspire them to sign up.

health and wellness copywriting

Have we met? I'm Sarah.

Health Copywriter & StoryBrand Guide


In honing my copywriting skills to best serve the wellness community, I discovered one big thing: 

Lots of marketers were teaching powerful copywriting frameworks, but nobody was perfectly matching them to the needs of health and wellness practitioners.

So I had to do it myself. 

At first, I created these templates to improve my own efficiency when writing for clients. Then I decided they were just too good not to share. 


Don't worry—I doctored them up first to be sure these templates are as easy for anybody to use as they are for me. Pinky swear promise!

Just in case you still have some questions...

I got you.

Just in case you still have some questions...

I got you.

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