5 Better Uses of Your Time than Social Posting

Nurture Content is Essential

Consistently sharing helpful and informative content on social media, blogs, and emails is an essential part of marketing. The problem is that it pays off only over time—after hundreds of posts and messages sent.

That can be exhausting and make your content creation efforts feel like wasted time.

I would argue that it IS wasted time.

If you are a health practitioner or the owner of a wellness business, you absolutely should not be spending your time writing emails and social media posts. Yes, you need them written. Yes, they are essential to your marketing. But no, you do not need to be the one to write them.

That's why I created the Nurture Unleashed subscription and why I recommend you hire a V.A. to do all the admin work of designing images and scheduling posts. While all that gets taken care of by somebody else, YOU are free to spend your time on much more important things.

5 Better Uses of Your Time

1. Create a Fresh Freebie

Freebies are a great way to grow your email list, but they're also ideal for introducing people to your unique approach. Freebies give you a chance to introduce yourself to new email subscribers and begin to build trust and relationships with them.

Taking an afternoon to draft the content for an informational PDF or to record a brief video is well worth your time. Once it's put on automation, it could pay you back multiple times in increased opt-ins and conversions.

2. Plan an Online Course

Organizing content for an online course is a significant undertaking, but a course could add a new and steady stream of revenue to your business. Online courses also offer your followers an opportunity to learn from you in a more affordable way than becoming a 1:1 client.

Creating an outline and lessons for an online course is something you will probably NEVER get around to doing if you are scrambling to manage your social media content every week. But imagine how much you could accomplish if you knew that your nurture content was taken care of!

3. Fine-Tune a Signature Talk

Oh, this one could seriously shift the trajectory of your success. A signature talk is the core content and stories you share when you have speaking opportunities. Speaking is a visibility strategy and a great way to quickly establish your expertise.

Once you have clarified your signature talk, you can enter any podcast interview, summit, webinar, or stage with complete confidence and poise. You can turn other people's audiences into fans of your own and grow your business ad-free.

4. Record a Podcast Interview

Being interviewed as a guest on a podcast is a stellar way to reach audiences outside of your own and spread your message of health. It's also a cost-effective and risk-free way to build your own audience.

Rather than piddling around in Canva and social media schedulers, wouldn't it be more worth your time to take 30 minutes to answer a few questions on somebody else's podcast? Definitely a win-win.

5. Network for Synergistic Partnerships

Connecting with like-minded business owners to form long-term relationships could have an enormous impact on your future success. Whether you're replying to messages with your personal touch or actively reaching out to others, networking is something that is best done by YOU.

Are You Ready?

So...are you convinced yet that you could seriously move the needle for your business in so many ways if you were to stop writing all of your own social posts, blog articles, and emails? Do you see how you can outsource these menial tasks and accomplish more important goals?

I'm here to help, and it all starts with Nurture Unleashed.

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