A Review of Business Made Simple University (BMSU)

Most professionals I know are overwhelmed by managing, marketing, and growing their businesses. In the health and wellness space, I encounter doctors and healers who are absolutely amazing at helping their patients but, well, just don’t have a business mind.

That’s a problem because many professionals in the health and wellness space also own their own businesses—which need to be successful to support their own health and wellness!

It’s kind of a crazy place to be stuck.

Another enormous problem is that the sheer number of business books, courses, and training programs is staggering. Many of these tools focus on one limited strategy that sends people down a rabbit hole of distraction and wasted time. Other books or courses give sweeping ideas but no actionable advice.

Donald Miller’s Business Made Simple University (BMSU) is not like that.

Born out of a vision to make a world-class business education available to anybody who wants it, BMSU delivers unbelievable quality for a shockingly low price ($275 per year for access to 7 courses and growing!).

I have loved every single course I’ve gone through in BMSU, so I thought I’d share a quick review of my favorite 3.

Pick #1: StoryBrand Messaging Framework

The StoryBrand Messaging Framework course solves the problem of having an unclear marketing message. Maybe nobody understands what you do. Maybe your sales pitches fall flat. Maybe nobody responds to your website or social media posts.

This course inside BMSU takes the Building a StoryBrand book to the next level with live presentations from Donald Miller, the guy who has helped more than 10,000 businesses clarify their message with the StoryBrand framework.

You also get a workbook to walk you through clarifying your marketing message and templates to help you write some key parts of your sales copy. The StoryBrand Messaging Framework course is packed with so many paradigm shifts and a-ha moments that will get you excited to talk about your business again.

I could watch the videos in the StoryBrand Messaging Framework again and again. They are so valuable that the $275 it costs to get BMSU for a year easily pays you back with this course alone.

Pick #2: Marketing Made Simple

The Marketing Made Simple course solves the problem of wasting a ton of money on marketing. Maybe you don’t have a system to grow your email list. Maybe nobody responds to your emails. Maybe your website isn’t making sales.

This course builds upon the information in the Marketing Made Simple book, which teaches a step-by-step process of creating a simple sales funnel. The course also includes loads of examples and templates. You can go through the course and walk away with copy for your website, a lead-generating PDF, an email sales sequence, and a sales page that closes the deal.

The information presented in this course within BMSU is the same information I use every single day in my work writing custom website and sales funnel copy. Don and his team hold nothing back when they share their strategies, tips, and secrets for sales funnel success.

Pick #3: Hero on a Mission

The Hero on a Mission course solves the problem of wandering aimlessly through life with no direction or meaning. Maybe you procrastinate and don’t get things done. Maybe you aren’t achieving your goals. Maybe you have no idea where you want your business or life to be 10 years from now.

Unlike the StoryBrand Messaging Framework and Marketing Made Simple courses, there is no single book to accompany the Hero on a Mission course. Instead, Donald Miller guides you on a personal exercise of casting a vision of your future and then reverse engineering a plan with specific goals and action items.

The Hero on a Mission course will make you more focused and productive, but in a way that keeps you focused on your values, vision, and mission. Although you can work your way through the courses inside BMSU in any order you choose, Hero on a Mission is probably the smartest place to start.

How BMSU Works

BMSU gives you on-demand access to 7 different courses that will either grow your business or make you a better human being. Plus, courses are being added on a regular basis. The cost is only $275 per year for unlimited access, and you can cancel any time.

You can sign up for BMSU here and start to transform your business right now.*

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