The Copywriting Triple Threat

The Copywriting Triple Threat


Ready for the game-changer in creating copy & content for your practice? Health and wellness entrepreneurs, this post is for you. Because even though we all know that killer copy and consistent content drive your marketing, creating all those assets is a recipe for burnout. Every day is a race against the clock, squeezing in time between client visits to write emails, blog posts, and social media updates. And at the end of the day? You may be questioning whether your words are even good enough to attract the right clients. 

Stick with me here because the Copywriting Triple Threat is about to flip the script and leave all this stress in the dust. 

Here’s why: 

The old way of doing things was to use nothing but human brainpower to create high-converting copy and message-driven content. It was time-consuming, demanding, and exhausting. The real problem was the mental gymnastics required to constantly be starting from scratch. I have long recommended copywriting frameworks, formulas, and templates to solve the problem of the blank page, but now there’s a new player on the field: 

Artificial Intelligence. 

A.I. took the world by storm when ChatGPT was unveiled to the public in November 2022, and now it’s nearly impossible to surf the web or open any software without encountering A.I. technology. The real kicker? A.I. tools like ChatGPT can churn out ideas and content at lightning speed, freeing up your mental energy to refine, enhance, and infuse your unique flair. 

But A.I. is far from perfect. It cannot create your brand message, stories, or personality out of thin air. It doesn’t know the best marketing strategy or copywriting frameworks for your unique situation. That’s where the Copywriting Triple Threat comes in:

Templates + A.I. + Human Touch

It’s the trio that will get you past the blinking cursor, save you time, keep you consistent in your message, and help you craft high-converting copy that magnetizes your ideal clients. 

Shall we dive in? 


Copywriting Templates

Copywriting templates are the original antidote to the blank page. Templates provide you with proven frameworks so you don't have to waste your precious mental energy figuring out the strategy. Instead, you can focus on infusing your unique message into the copy. 

The templates in The Wellness Copy Shop™ include sentence-starters, prompts, and examples to get you out of your logical mind and into your creative flow. They act as a springboard, allowing you to dive into the content creation process without staring blankly at an empty page. They help to:

  • Streamline the process
  • Save time
  • Inspire creativity
  • Get better results

Now just imagine…what if you had a tool to help you customize copywriting templates even faster and with better results? 

Enter threat number two. 


Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is the new kid on the block but solves the same problem that templates always have—except on the next level. Whereas templates allow your brain to shift out of logical mode and into creative mode, A.I. allows your creative energy to shift away from generating ideas and toward optimizing them

Cool, right? A.I. helps to:

  • Brainstorm
  • Generate ideas
  • Tweak wording
  • Write fast

Here’s where it really gets exciting. Imagine needing to write a sales page. You pull up the copywriting template that gives you the entire strategy with formulas to use in each section. Now you open up ChatGPT, feed it the formulas, and ask it to customize that template for your offer. 

Your mind may just explode. 

But not too fast. The outcome will not be good unless we bring your human brain into the mix. 

Enter threat number three. 


Human Touch

The Human Touch brings authenticity and heart to your copywriting. I list it as the last element of the Copywriting Triple Threat, but in truth it needs to be working alongside the first two at all times. Your personal touch ensures that your copy truly resonates with your audience. It's your unique stories, voice, and personality that make your copy stand out from the crowd.

Incorporating the Human Touch means stepping up to your role as the guardian of your brand, making certain that your copy aligns with your core values, and staying consistent with your message. As the human in this powerful trio, you're responsible for:

  • Injecting personal stories and experiences
  • Infusing your distinct voice and personality
  • Fact-checking and verifying information
  • Ensuring the strategy aligns with your goals

Imagine the possibilities. 


Want More?

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