How to Use Your Bio to Attract Patients

How to use your bio to attract more patients

Looking to freshen up the professional bio on your website or directory listing? Include as many of these 7 parts to attract your ideal patients and get more bookings from your bio!


Get a professional headshot that looks friendly and inviting. This is not about you looking like a movie star. It’s about looking like somebody who can help.


Begin your bio with your credentials to establish your credibility. Keep this section brief, but be sure to include the titles your patients care about.

Dr. Smith is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine. 

Accomplishments Outside of Practice

If you volunteer for a well-respected organization, have taught at an educational institution, have written a book, or achieved other professional accomplishments, mentioning them can boost your authority. This is also the place you can mention any proprietary frameworks or methods you have developed or used.

Dr. Smith is the creator of Men’s Health Central, an online membership for natural men’s health solutions. 

Areas of Expertise

Patients want to know if you have experience in treating their condition. Include a list of conditions you have success in treating or special therapies you can offer.

As one of the premier providers of BioTE and other bioidentical hormones, Dr. Smith has more than ten years of experience working with men to naturally optimize their testosterone levels and performance.  

‘I Believe’ Statement

Your ‘I believe’ statement is how you express your unique approach or philosophy of medicine. It’s a way to show your paradigm shift or how you are different from the status quo. This can be done either as a quote off to the side or embedded in the text of the bio.

I believe that no two patients are alike. Rather than prescribe a drug for a diagnosis, I get to know my patients so I can find the treatments that will be best for their unique situation and needs.

Patient Feedback

A review that mentions the practitioner’s name makes a bio more personable and believable. Although this may not work in a bio for a directory listing, it’s a great addition to the bio on your website.

“I went to Dr. Smith when my energy levels were bottomed out. I was depressed and had lost interest in life. Within a few short months of his natural treatments, it was like I had my life back. He is the most thorough and caring physician I have ever found.”

Booking Button

When the right person reads your bio, they will know you are the practitioner for them. Optimize your bookings by making sure there is a “book appointment” button nearby.

Put it together

Here’s what the example bio that we just created in this article might look like:


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