Naturopathic Topic Ideas for Online Quizzes

Have you read my post about how to use online quizzes to attract new patients to your naturopathic practice? Now to choose a topic….(key crickets in the background)…

The topic of your naturopathic online quiz can make or break its success. That is why I want to share with you the 3 criteria a quiz topic needs to meet, how to choose the type of quiz for your site, and examples of naturopathic topic ideas for online quizzes.

3 Criteria for a Naturopathic Quiz Topic

A successful naturopathic quiz topic should relate directly to a product or service you offer (or to your ideal patient), it should be something that your ideal patient cares about, and it should connect the dots between these things. The quiz should educate your ideal patient about what you have to offer.

1. It Relates to Your Product, Service, or Ideal Patient

Let’s start with the first of these criteria. What product or service do you want to promote? Do you have a predesigned program for patients to lose weight, recover energy, or sleep better? Do you want to increase new patient visits related to Lyme’s disease or cancer? This is where you need to have a sense of who your ideal patient is and who you want to attract to your practice. For the sake of example, let’s say you want to attract more patients who have an autoimmune disease.

2. Your Ideal Patient Cares About It

If you want to attract patients who have an autoimmune disease, what do they care about? They probably care about reducing their risk of progression, recovering their energy, and minimizing symptoms to achieve their highest quality of life.

3.  It Connects the Dots (Educates Your Ideal Patient About What You Offer)

Of the things they care about, which will help you educate them about your offerings? If you customize therapies to focus on GI, adrenal, or immune health, it would help for new patients to have an awareness about this.

In this example, you could create a quiz entitled, “what’s your autoimmune type?” The quiz could have a subheading along the lines of, “getting to the root cause for optimal recovery.” You would then devise a series of questions (I recommend 7) with 3 answers each (each answer corresponds to one of the 3 autoimmune types).

How to Choose A Naturopathic Quiz Type

Different quiz builders offer slightly different options for quiz types. I will use the example of the quiz builder called Interact. Interact offers 3 quiz types: assessment, personality, and scored.

An assessment quiz tests a person’s knowledge of a subject. Every question has only one correct answer. An example of an assessment would be, “how much do you know about leaky gut?”

A personality quiz evaluates a person’s type. Each answer will correspond to one specific result (I recommend 3). The example I gave above would fall into this category. “What is your autoimmune type” has 3 potential results and therefore 3 answers to each question.

A scored quiz determines a unique score result for each quiz taker. You will assign point values to each answer. An example of a scored quiz would be, “how likely are you to have leaky gut?” The results might be “not at all likely, somewhat likely, or highly likely.”

Examples of Naturopathic Quiz Topics

The most important thing about your quiz topic is that it relates to your ideal client or patient and it begins to educate them about your services. Here are some naturopathic topic ideas to get your brainstorming juices flowing…

Assessment Quizzes

  1. How much do you know about migraine headaches?
  2. How much do you know about Lyme’s disease?
  3. How much do you know about mold toxicity?

Personality (Type) Quizzes

  1. What is your immune type?
  2. What is your digestive type?
  3. What is your adrenal type?

Scored Quizzes

  1. Are you suffering from leaky gut?
  2. Could it be SIBO?
  3. What is your sleep score?

Be sure not to miss the ND Pen blog post about How to Use Quizzes to Attract New Patients.

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