What is the SEO Gem of Your Site?

I am not even going to hold you in suspense on this one. The SEO gem of your site is…drumroll…your BLOG.

A lot of docs will try blogging here and there but never get into the swing of consistent posting. It is tricky to produce quality content on a regular basis when your main responsibility is taking care of your patients.

I get it. I have been there.

But I am here to tell you that blogging is WORTH IT. Your blog gives you a chance to add value to the services you provide for current patients. Your blog gives potential patients a taste of what you offer. Your blog gives people a reason to visit your site. Your blog can absolutely be the gem of your SEO strategy.

SEO refers to “search engine optimization.” SEO is how Google finds your site. SEO helps new patients discover you—for free.

3 Reasons Your Blog is the SEO Gem of Your Site

1. Your Blog Features Keywords that People Search

Keywords are words that capture the main idea of your blog post. Keywords are also the ideas that people search for online. When you align your blog topics with issues your potential patients care about, they will search and find your blog.

As search engines become smarter, and algorithms become updated, it is not recommended to simply repeat keywords dozens of times throughout a blog post. Instead, sprinkle in your keywords along with synonyms and related words to best inform search engines what your article is about.

2. Your Blog Helps Search Robots Navigate Your Site

I have explained elsewhere how search engines work, but basically, they follow links from page to page and site to site. When you write related articles on your blog, you can link from one to the other. These are called internal links, and they help search engines make sense of the content on your site.

3. Your Blog Gives Others a Reason to Link to Your Site

When you write quality content, people will share it. When other bloggers or influential websites link back to your site, search robots find you more easily. Those are called inbound links, and they dramatically boost your SEO. You can increase your inbound links by forming relationships with other doctors or related companies who might want to share articles you have written. Remember that relationships are a 2-way street. Link out to other sites to give them a reason to link back to yours.

Blogging for your naturopathic practice is a fabulous way to SEO your site, spread your message, and reach more potential patients. 



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