Spring Cleanse: Detox Your Digital Presence

If you've been cleaning out your closets or garage—or doing a seasonal cleanse for your body–I have one more idea for you.

How about detoxing your digital presence?

I know you might be thinking, “Are you adding more things to my plate, Sarah?” But I have some ideas to make this painless and simple.


Cleanse Your Social Profiles

Start with your social media profiles because those are pretty quick and simple. Here's a quick checklist for you:


Facebook Business Profile

  • Cover Photo & Profile Picture. Do these still accurately reflect your brand?
  • Call to Action Button. Is the link active and live?
  • About Us. Make sure this description is accurate and up to date. You can navigate here from the left column of your page.

Facebook & Instagram Messages

  • Instant Replies. Check that any Instant Reply messages or Away messages are still relevant. You can find these by clicking on 'Inbox' from the left column of your Facebook business page.

Instagram Profile

  • Bio. Check that your bio is up to date and includes a relevant call to action
  • Link. Does your link work? Does it go somewhere to get people to engage with you further?
  • Story Highlights. Delete any Story highlights that have become irrelevant. Post any that will be new and fresh!

LinkedIn Profile

  • Bio. Check that the introductory bio is accurate and up to date.
  • Changes. Add any new experience, education, credentials, projects, presentations, etc.

Keeping your social media business profiles clean and up-to-date is so important for your online image. Many people may find you first here. If your links go to 404 pages, or your bio says something that you no longer do, you will not look good.

It only takes a few minutes to check on the health of these profiles. Do it now and save yourself the hassle it might create later.


Cleanse Your Website

Is your website getting clogged up and confusing? Maybe it's time for a quick Spring Cleanse for your site. Here's a quick checklist to follow:


Menu Bar

  • Prioritize. What are the most important pages that you want site visitors to see? Make sure those are the ones in your menu bar. High priorities would be things like Services, What to Expect, Get Started, Shop–anything that moves people toward signing up with you.
  • Use Your Footer. If you have a LOT of pages and drop-downs in your main menu bar, move the lower priority pages down to a menu in the footer. These would be pages like Resources, Articles, Patient Forms—anything that is more informational and logistical but won't necessarily move people toward a sale.
  • Minimize Drop-Downs. A few drop-downs are fine and can help make your site easy to navigate. But too many get really confusing–especially on mobile! Try to keep them at a minimum and only when they help the navigation more clear.

Call to Action

  • Get Clear. What action do you want people to take from your site? The first step is clarity in your own mind.
  • Make Buttons. Add your main CTA button in the upper right of your menu bar (if this is logistically simple) and on every page of your site.


  • Address. Make sure your contact information is in your footer to help with local SEO.
  • Menu Options. Use your footer for menu options if your main navigation gets too busy.
  • About Blurb. You can add a couple of sentences in your footer to sum up who you are and how you help!

Home Page Flow

Your home page may be the most important page on your website. It should share your overarching message and help people navigate to the pages that are most relevant to them.


Cleanse Your Email Marketing

When was the last time you checked on your email opt-in and welcome sequence? I looked at one for a doctor I was working with the other day and realized that all the emails in her welcome sequence asked people to watch a webinar that no longer existed!


Lots of things can go wrong if you've ignored your email opt-in for a while. So, let's do a quick Spring Cleanse with this checklist:

Email Opt-In

  • The Opt-In Form. Check the email opt-in form on your website. Is it current and up-to-date? Does it still promise to deliver the correct freebie?
  • The Freebie. If you give away a freebie when people opt in to your website, go look at it. Is there anything on that freebie that is out of date?

Thank-You Page

  • Check the Wording. The thank-you page that people see after they opt into your emails should be simple and clear. Make sure nothing there has become outdated!
  • Check the links. If you ask for a social media follow or any other action from your thank-you page, double-check the links.

Welcome Emails

  • Welcome Email. Look at the email that sends as soon as somebody opts into your email list. Still good?
  • Welcome Sequence. If you have a welcome sequence that sends on automation, go into your email service provider and read through every email. Make sure all the emails are still relevant.


That should do it! You definitely want your opt-in, thank-you page, and welcome emails to be current. This is the first impression people may have of you, and you don't want it to be a mess.

Share this blog post with your healthpreneur friends so you can do a digital cleanse together!

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