What makes a wellness webinar work

What Makes a Wellness Webinar Work

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You see other health and wellness professionals running webinars. You show up to the occasional webinar. Maybe you’ve even bought something because of a webinar.

But have you thought about all the possible ways you could use webinars for YOUR wellness business?

Webinars are a powerful sales tool because they are personal (you show your face) and empowering (you teach cool things about health).

Read on to learn the different ways you can use webinars for wellness and the 4 C’s of webinar success.

3 Ways to Use Webinars in a Wellness Business

Program Launch Webinar

Webinars are classically used to promote sign-ups for a membership or online program—either during an initial launch or a limited-time enrollment window. This type of webinar can also be put on evergreen once you know it’s working.

Monthly Sales Webinar

For anyone selling a high-ticket 1:1 program, webinars can be given as monthly info sessions to educate your people and keep a steady stream of patients signing up.

Guest Workshops

Giving educational webinars to other people’s audiences is a powerful way to grow your own community. Sometimes it makes sense to pitch your offer on these webinars, but more often it’s best to give away a freebie (that will grow your own email list of perfect prospects!).

The 4 C’s of a Successful Wellness Webinar

#1 Clarity

Before every sitting down to craft a webinar, you need to be clear on 3 things.

The first is to be clear on what action you want people to take at the end. Do you want them to buy a course, join a membership, sign up for a program, or just to give you their email address in exchange for a freebie?

For example, you may want them to sign up for you 8-week group program all about lifestyle habits to support a healthy thyroid. 

The second is to be clear on what they need to believe in order to take that action. This will become the theme of your webinar. You will include examples and details to shift people’s mindset to believe what they need to believe in order to take the action.

For example, they need to believe that lifestyle habits can affect thyroid health. 

The third is to be clear on what the outcome of the webinar will be. This is the promise you make about what people will walk away with at the end. This can also become the title or tagline of your webinar.

For example, they will learn 5 Secrets for a Healthy Thyroid.

#2 Content

A wellness webinar that both empowers AND sells needs to follow a strategic formula. There are 3 sections of content in the webinar.

First is the introduction. This is where you begin by stating the problem that your webinar will solve. You tell an intro story that supports the theme (see above) and introduce yourself. You say who the webinar is for so your audience knows they are in the right place. You give a roadmap for the talk and tell the promise (see above).

Second is the content. This is where you educate. The biggest mistake most health practitioners make is trying to teach too much. Ideally, you will have 3 sections of informational content that supports your theme.

Finally is the sales portion. This is where you introduce your offer, why it’s unique, the features, the price, the bonuses, the guarantee, testimonials, a summary of the offer, and a call-to-action.

#3 Collaterals

No webinar works in a vacuum. A webinar actually begins working on the registration page and keeps working during the replay period. Here are the collaterals you need for a complete wellness webinar funnel:

  • Registration Page
  • Confirmation Email
  • Show-Up Emails
  • Replay Page
  • Replay Emails
  • Sales Page for Offer

#4 Connection

Let’s not ignore the power of connection during the delivery of your wellness webinar. Here are some tips to optimize the delivery of the webinar so that people feel connected to you and are more likely to sign up!

  • Check your setup for background, lighting, and sound.
  • Do a warm-up routine to physically and mentally prepare.
  • Get clear on your intention.
  • Engage the audience quickly and frequently.
  • Follow your slides but don’t memorize your talk. Keep it fluid and allow for improvisation.

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Sarah Cook is a Copywriter, StoryBrand Guide, and former Naturopathic Doctor with 10+ years of experience writing for the naturopathic and functional medicine community.