4 marketing tasks to propel you into 2022

4 Marketing Tasks to Propel You into 2022

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Wouldn’t it feel great to go into the final weeks of 2021 and look ahead to 2022 with the confidence of knowing you have the foundations of your online marketing solidly in place? It would mean that…

  • You could relax into the holiday festivities without worrying about your marketing.
  • You could focus on yourself instead of your business for a couple of weeks.
  • You could make plans for the new year that will take your marketing to the next level.
  • You could cast visions for making a bigger impact in the coming year than you’ve ever made before (and those visions could actually be within reach).

Truly, a few solid foundational parts of your marketing set you up for SO. MUCH. MORE.

Below are 4 marketing tasks that will absolutely lay the foundation that you need. If you’ve already done these things before, use this as a checkpoint to see if they need any tweaks or updates. If you haven’t done these things before, schedule a block of time to get them done.

You’ll be so happy you did.

Task 1: StoryBrand Your Home Page

To “StoryBrand” your home page means to refresh the words and organization of the page to follow the StoryBrand framework, as taught by Donald Miller, author of Building a StoryBrand.  Here are some key points:

  • Clarity is more important than being cute and clever. As Don Miller says, “if you confuse, you lose.”
  • Use your header to communicate 3 things:
    • What you sell
    • How it makes people’s lives better
    • How they get it
  • Use the other sections of your home page to communicate these things:
    • The value and benefits of your products and services
    • The problems you solve with your products and services
    • What gives you the credibility and authority to solve these problems
    • Exactly what steps a person needs to take to get your offers
  • Have a clear “call-to-action” that encourages people to do what you most want them to do on your site. Is it to book an appointment? Download a free informational guide? Complete an inquiry form?

To get a plug-n-play copywriting template for your Home Page (plus 5 other pages of your website), check out The Wellness Website CopyPack at The Wellness Copy Shop!

Task 2: Check Your Email Opt-In

One section of your home page should be a compelling email opt-in. An opt-in is a form where site visitors enter their email address to join your list. Here’s why you need an opt-in on your website:

  • Plenty of people might visit your website but not be ready to book an appointment or purchase your offer.
  • Once a person is on your email list, you can follow up with content that builds trust over time.
  • Emails give you the chance to stay top of mind so that potential clients will become actual clients when the time is right.

I wrote a separate post with ideas for email opt-ins. Check that you have one on your website and that it’s properly connected to your email service provider software.

Task 3: Update Your Welcome Email

If you’re collecting email addresses with an opt-in form on your site, you’ll want to have an email scheduled to automatically send to new subscribers.

It’s called a welcome email.

Your welcome email should accomplish these things:

  • Deliver any free resource or coupon that was promised when they opted in.
  • Briefly introduce yourself and what your business is about.
  • Tell them what they can expect from your emails (including approximate frequency and the type of content).

If you want to go beyond a single email and send a welcome sequence, check out The Welcome Sequence CopyPack at The Wellness Copy Shop!

The welcome email sets the stage for an ongoing relationship that you will build with your subscribers over time. Which gets us to the final task…

Task 4: Commit to a Nurture Email Plan

Let’s say a potential client has visited your website, opted into your email list, and received your welcome email.

Now you have a choice.

You can do nothing, never provide value, forfeit the opportunity to build trust, and lose any chance of converting that subscriber into a paying client. Or…

You can nurture that subscriber with helpful and informational emails on a regular schedule. Here are some things to decide when creating your nurture email plan:

  • How frequently do you want to send emails?
  • What types of content will you send?
  • Will you follow a similar template for all your emails?
  • Who will write your emails?

Sending weekly emails is a great way to stay top of mind with your subscribers, but even monthly emails are better than nothing. Check out Nurture Unleashed to save yourself time and money on content creation.

Cheers to an incredible 2022!


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Sarah Cook is a Copywriter, StoryBrand Guide, and former Naturopathic Doctor with 10+ years of experience writing for the naturopathic and functional medicine community.