Copywriting vs. Content Marketing: Which Do You Need?


The jargon in marketing can be pretty confusing for the average business owner. If your zone of genius is being a doctor, why in the world would you care what the difference is between copywriting and content marketing?

Here's why. As the owner of a health and wellness business, you need to understand a little bit about marketing so you can make informed choices about growing your business. Understanding whether you need copywriting or content marketing will ensure that you don’t waste time or money going down the wrong path.

So let’s jump in. What’s the difference between copywriting and content marketing, and why should you care?

Copywriting for Health & Wellness

What is copywriting

Copywriting is the words you use to sell your products and services. Copywriting refers to the words that go on your website, sales pages, email sales campaigns, brochures, and ads. Any marketing materials that you use to promote your business have “copy” that is intended to sell.

When you need copywriting

You need to either write your own copy or hire a copywriter to set up the foundation of marketing your business. Copywriters can help you get clear on the message you want to share and put together the words in a way that your message is compelling to your ideal clients. Copywriters also know the strategies and frameworks to follow when writing ads, sales pages, and email campaigns.

Content Marketing for Health & Wellness

What is content marketing

Content marketing refers to free and educational content that you share as a way to connect with potential clients and stay connected with current clients. It’s different than copywriting because its purpose is more to provide value and less to sell. Content marketing includes the content you share on a blog, social media posts, or weekly email newsletters.

When you need content marketing

You need content marketing ALL. THE. TIME. Whereas a copywriting project can often be a one-time deal, content marketing requires that you create and share content on a regular and consistent basis. You might share, for example, multiple social media posts per week, one weekly email, and one monthly blog post.

Where Copywriting & Content Marketing Intersect

The difference between copywriting and content marketing is not black and white. In a lot of ways, they work together. Here’s how I think about it. The foundation of your marketing is created with copywriting: website, email sales campaigns, and sales pages. You might include a free educational piece of content as part of your marketing foundation (like a lead-generating PDF or webinar) as well.

Then you use content marketing to get more eyes on your marketing foundation. You share social media posts that point people back to your website or lead-generating offer. Or you send a weekly email newsletter that points back to your sales page.

Also, content marketing makes sure that you stay top of mind with potential and current clients. By offering valuable information on a regular basis, they grow to trust you and think of you when they need help.

Without content marketing, the copy on your website and sales funnels won’t get a lot of eyes on it. Without copywriting to set up that marketing foundation, your content marketing efforts will not convert to sales. Neither will be effective without the other.

How to Get Copywriting & Content Marketing for Health and Wellness

If you need to set up the foundation of your marketing and create a website that is optimized for leads and sales, check out my Copywriting VIP Days here. If you need help pumping out engaging health-related content on a consistent basis, check out the Nurture Unleashed subscription here.

You have an important message of health to share with the world, and I am here to help you share it!

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